Coverlets from the Collection of Historic Huguenot Street

Binary Visions: 19th-Century Woven Coverlets from the Collection of Historic Huguenot Street Curated by Leslie LeFevre-Stratton and Brian Wallace at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art

“The coverlets in this exhibition embody technical and manufacturing advances that were first made in the mid-Hudson Valley starting in the 18th century that enabled local weavers—primarily men trained in the carpet weaving industry—to create bed covers of particularly rich and striking designs for their clientele, primarily in rural communities throughout the area.

Binary Visions will focus on a select group of coverlets chosen for their strong graphic appeal, pattern play, and optical complexity. Many of these coverlets from the HHS collection have local family provenance—originating in Ulster, Orange, and Dutchess counties. United for the first time in one exhibition, the coverlets will be displayed in groups that emphasize, compare, and contrast formal design elements and embody several important weaving techniques.”  From the exhibition press release.

Thanks DeeDee Halleck for the photos.

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