August 5 Farm Hour

600768_138605272971801_1197401881_n On this evenings Farm Hour, guest host Cassie Wagler is here to share her SOG, Straight Out of the Ground Sounds and as part of “Hidden Hunger Week on WIOX” Poverty Awareness August 5-10, 2013 I spoke with the Community Food Pantry of Arkville founders Joyce St. George and Frank Canavan.

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1 Response to August 5 Farm Hour

  1. Cathy McNulty says:

    Hi We all signed a letter against the Constitution Pipeline at our Franklin Farmer’s Market. Perhaps other Markets might like to do the same? Here’s the letter. Probably should get addresses and emails as we might have to file each separately.
    Friends of Franklin Farmer’s Market, Franklin NY

    We the undersigned are opposed to the proposed Constitution Pipeline cutting through our private lands; forests, fields and streams, as it will be the infrastructure for Fracking and not, as advertised, a closed supply line. Allowing Constitution Pipeline will be the first step towards industrializing our pristine land from which we earn our livelyhoods and as customers procure healthy, fresh, local food; vegetables, meats, milk, cheese, yogurt, fish, fruits, grains as well as wool, leather, wood, flowering plants, and the many value added products made from them.

    We stand with PASA(Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture), and NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association) against High Volume High Pressure Horizontal Methane extraction and all of the accompanying pipelines, compressor stations, storage facilities, liquefaction plants and cracking facilities that break down components to manufacture plastics and other petrochemicals. We object because none of these activities have been proven safe for water, air, soil or the continuance of local agriculture, tourism, hunting, fishing and other land based occupations.

    We believe our local food sheds and water sheds should be protected against degradation from short-sighted, dangerous fossil fuel extraction that undermines our ability to sustain our lives and families in a peaceful rural setting.

    Cathy McNulty Lilac Hill Farm

    Margaret Bazura Two Ton Farm

    Robert Deeb

    Sonia Sola Nectar Hills Farm

    Liz Greco

    William Whitaker

    Esperanza Roncero 1.3 Acre Farm

    Jan Mulroy Windhill Woodworks Inc

    Walter Putrycz Wally’s Woodshop

    Larry Roseboom Breezie Maples Farm

    Charles Eubanks

    Susan Powell Naturally Speaking Farm

    Carole Marner

    Marjorie Kellog

    Hans Hass

    Erdem Kahyaoglu

    Serkan Cambudak Wheat Hill Farms

    Umar Mirza

    Zena Gurbo

    Carmela Marner

    Ellen Curtis

    Helen McLean

    Robert Ackerman

    Roberta Shiffman

    Wendy Barckhaus

    Judith M. Gabey

    Giuliana Longo Sherman Hill Farmstead

    Nick Albaugh

    Magli Veillon Farmer


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