June 10 Farm Hour


Two special guests here in the studio,  Phil Lenahan from the Roxbury Corner Store who will talk with us about his local food venture and also in the studio is Aissa O’Neil all the way from Betty Acres Farm in Delhi.   Aissa is here to tell us all about the a new collaboritive effort to redefine the current views and opinions about dairy farming and dairy product in the Catskills with a group called Catskills Family Creameries…   This exciting venture is spearheaded by Sonia Janiszewski from Pure Catskills with content and inspiration provided by 7 dairy farmers from our area to form Catskills Family Creameries group…   also later in the hour Karen Fairbairn from Lazy Crazy Acres and Shannon Mason from The Danforth Jersey Farm will be calling in to help Aissa who is here at the WIOX studio paint the picture of the CATSKILLS FAMILY CREAMERIES.  


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2 Responses to June 10 Farm Hour

  1. How about coming to the great Franklin Farmers Market?

    • straightoutoftheground says:

      Great idea Cathy, Please include the details for the market in a reply. I would also be happy to set up a time for you to call into the Farm Hour to spread the word. Takecare, Madalyn

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