March 18 Farm Hour


Julie Holbrook’s Mac-n-Cheese at the 2013 School Food Summit, Roundout Valley

To hear the archive, click march18

For this evenings program we are focusing on Farm to School activity in the Hudson Valley and the Adirondacks…  hearing from Nicci Cagan Director of From the Ground Up and organizer of the recent School Food Summit at the Rondout Valley Highschool, a very inspiring event and Julie Holbrook, Director of food services at the Keene Central School who is cooking everything from scratch and staying in the black.

photos by Nicci Cagan, Director of From the Ground Up


Julie Holbrook and participant in the 2013 School Food Summit Kitchen Camp

Julie Holbrook, Food Services Director at Keene Valley Central School

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2 Responses to March 18 Farm Hour

  1. niccicagan says:

    Madalyn thank you for all your good work in the food, farming and community. You rock the air waves! Thank you for a fun informative show.

  2. thefarmhour says:

    Nicci, Thanks so much for bringing Julie Holbrook onto our local airwaves. Very inspiring for me to hear you two share stories and lay out the facts. Lets do it again sometime soon.

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