April 16 Farm Hour

Click here for the archive April 16, 2012

Welcome to the Farm Hour on WIOX.  This evenings hour will review points made in the “Ground Up” report issued by the Open Space Institute in conjunction with the Urban Design Lab of the Earth Institute at Columbia University investigates food production in the Catskills region of New York—a region the report finds has the potential to produce enough healthy, locally grown food to feed millions of people in New York City and beyond.  Two of the innovative farmers highlighted in this report will be calling in:

Lisa Wujnovich & Mark Dunau, whose small, five-acre Delaware County operation has provided for his family for two decades and is now putting two children through college;

Mary Ann and Richard Dirie, who converted their dairy operation to raw milk production as a last resort as prices for traditional dairy plummeted

ALSO, Jennifer Grossman, local food and land conservation champion who was an integral part of the research and edit of the “Ground Up” report will be calling in to talk about current and upcoming food based economic initiatives.

BTW… I have a big stack of the “Ground UP” report to bring to the Pakatakan Farmers Market, so come by and pick one up Saturday 9-2pm, season starts May 19th.  See you then.

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