April 2 Farm Hour

Click here for the archive April 2, 2012

On this evenings Farm Hour on WIOX Sarah Hackney, grassroots director for the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition will be calling in to talk about the recenlty published report, Farming for the Future: A Sustainable Agriculture Agenda for the 2012 Food & Farm Bill.  Sarah Hackney will be informing  us of valuable information that effects all of Rural America.  As far as I can tell the Farm Bill could also be called the Rural America Bill, so much of this bill is about rural economy, energy and jobs…if you live in the Catskills the Farm Bill effects you.   Also, I have a story to share about bees and pesticides, a couple of events to share

Sarah Hackney the grassroots director of NSAC will be joining us on the farm hour to talk about the 2012 farmbill and has graciously agreed to spread out this discussion over the next few programs breaking up the bill into 5 segments The Farm Bill Budget, Farm Programs and Policies,  Conservation Programs and Policies, Marketing, Food Systems and Rural Development Programs and Policies, AND Research, Education and Extension Programs and Policies. So for today we will start out with a brief overview of the National Sustainable Agriculture Councils report on the 2012 farm bill followed by the first segment covering the Farm Bill Budget.

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