February 20

Click here for the archive February 20, .2012ON this evening Farm Hour on WIOX we will be hearing from Catskill Mountainkeeper Agriculture Coordinator EMILY DEAN.  Emily was in Albany last week  at the American Farmland Trust No Farms No Food Rally  and she will be calling in to tell us about her day at the Capital.

And later in the hour, Farmer Wes Hannah, organizer for the National Young Farmers Coalition will be calling in to talk about the future of farming.  NYFC published a comprehensive report about the obstacles facing young beginning farmers and creative solutions for the future, download at Building a Future With Farmers: Challenges Faced by Young, American Farmers and a National Strategy to Help

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  1. Cathy McNulty says:

    Hello I’m writting from Sidney New York and our Town Supervisor received a Pipeline proposal From Tennesee Pipline at the recent Supervisors Meeting in Delhi, Delaware County. They are proposing a Gas transmission line to run north from Deposit, through Masonville and Sidney and then East towards Davenport on towards Albany. This will be bigger than the Millenium Line and have a huge detrimental effect on the farms and landowners effected as well as indicate our Governor is full steam ahead with Fracking even though every day I read about the danger to our water from this practice. Can’t we demand a place at the table where these decisions are being made? It’s supposed to go through Forrests Farmland and Private property in Broome, Delaware and Schoharie Counties. Ask your town boards what’s going on, I am.

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