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View through the Gorge, Roxbury from postcard collection of Ronnie Ballard, Delaware County, New York scanned by Ira D. Lawrence, Historian, Village of Margaretville, NY April 18, 2003 from the Delaware County, NY Genealogy and History Site

This evenings Farm Hour co-hosted by Catherine Jankowski and Madalyn Warren.

We played a clip recorded earlier in the summer with Ronnie Ballard.

We regret to report the passing of Ronnie Ballard, local historian.

In memory of Ronald E. Ballard, Aug. 27, 1928 – Nov. 9, 2011
Look into the photo archives of the Middletown Historical Society, the Delaware County Historical Society and the local Roxbury Library, and you will see many images with Ronnie Ballard’s name. It was known that if you needed to know local history you would call Ron Ballard. He collected and saved many items of cultural and historic interest, eventually donating them to archives for perpetuity. He was recently presented an Award of Merit by the Delaware County Historical Association honoring his contributions to the preservation of Delaware County’s fascinating history.  
Ronald Ballard served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War.  Against Army rules, Ronnie carried a still camera and film with him taking photos of the Korean landscape as well as people along his military march. There was no way Ronnie was going to travel half-way around the world and not have a stack of photos to share when he returned home.
Ronnie gave me a tip about a field where he used to grow cauliflower, saying it was fertile good growing ground.  So I went for it and am planting garlic and shallots there now.  Since I heard about Ronnie’s death, I have been trying to remember all the places that Ronnie pointed out that would be good growing land and where to find arrow heads, abandoned farms and ginseng plants.
He was the owner-operator of a salvage yard.  He also made artwork out of scrap metal for the Roxbury Arts Group, family and friends.
His quiet demeanor and love of his neighbors will be missed.  Future generations will learn about our region through his many contributions.
Madalyn Warren

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