October 31 Halloween

On this Farm Hour we will hear a clip of an interview with Tennessee State Representative Frank Niceley, who is a farmer and chairman of the Tennessee House Agriculture Committee….  we’ll be hearing an Enlightening perspective from Niceley about how agriculture policy and rules come into existence and the role of govt in agriculture.    Also for this Farm hOur Greg Swartz from the Willow Wisp organic vegetable farm  will be calling to tell us about how the Willow Wisp farm is able to offer low income csa shares… the Willow Wisp Farm is located in the Upper Delaware River Valley, growing a diverse mix of vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers on12 acres.

LATER IN THE PROGRAM, Paola Winogrand (Food Sustainability At Occupy Wall Street owsfood|at|gmail.com) will be calling in to tell us about The Food Subgroup of Occupy WallStreet Sustainability working group efforts to strengthen, empower and promote bioregional solidarity within the Occupy WallStreetmovement by:

  • Promoting, Supporting and Coordinating local-farm to kitchen relationships
  • Encouraging and facilitating dialogue and direct action on the issues of sustainable food production, food justice, food sovereignty and corporate control in our local, regional, national and global food systems
  • Incorporating the principles of food justice and self-sufficiency into the everyday practices of the Occupy Wall Street encampment and the occupiers.

The Frank Nicely interview is a 2 hour interview from The Food Rights Hour radio program posted on the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund if you wish to hear more from Representative Frank Niceley you can listen to the rest of the interview at the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund website at http://www.ftcldf.org/

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