August 15 Farm Hour

On this evenings program, Farm Hour Host Ellen Wong will be reporting live from the 125th Delaware County Fair in Walton, August 15-20.  Two guests are here with me in the studio, college students, Claire Molholm and Kay Schaffer who are in Roxbury doing an internship at an organic produce farm.  Also,  calling in from his home in NYC,   is writer Ernest Larsen to talk about the upcoming event at the Hunting Tavern in Andes, a reading of  The Calico Indian Insurrection a film script about the 19th century rebellion.

EVENTS    1.Andes Sprouts Society presents an evening dedicated to exploring the lively history of the Catskills’ Down Rent War.  The program will take place at the Hunting Tavern in Andes where some of the actual events of the War took place.  The evening will include an informal reading of portions of The Calico Indian Insurrection a film script about the 19th century rebellion written by Ernest Larsen. Larsen is the author of the Edgar-nominated novel Not a Through Street, a widely-published media critic (The Nation, Art in America, Jump Cut, etc), and the writer/producer of many award-winning experimental films and videos screened at international festivals and two Whitney Biennials.  Ulster County’s Academy Award winning actress, Melissa Leo will read one of the parts.
August 19, Friday at 7pm at the Andes Hunting Tavern and admission is free.  However there is limited seating and rsvp is recommended by emailing andessproutssociety[at]gmail[dot]com

2.  Let the Sun Shine In: 4 Farms Open Doors to Highlight Renewable Energy This year’s farm energy field days include something for everyone.  Tim and Jean at Dorpers Sheep Farm will teach a do-it-yourself solar electric and solar thermal workshop.  Jay and Polly Armour at Four Winds Farm will describe their professionally installed PV electric system and share other techniques to reduce fossil fuel use.   Jan and Ron Bever live off the grid at at Highland Hills Maple Sugar Farm and are eager to show you how to do the same. According to Jan Bever at Highland Hills Maple Sugar Farm, “you can afford renewable energy if you can buy a used car”.  And finally, Dani Baker and David Belding at Cross Island Farms will lead a tour of their brand new 10KW wind turbine and a 7KW solar array.  Combined with a 17kw back-up generator for emergencies, it is expected that this project will supply almost all of the farm’s need for electricity.
The Delaware County region workshop will meet at the Dorpers Sheep Farm on
September 9, 2011.  10:00am – noon
The Dorpers sheep from is located at 339 Abe Boice Rd. Sidney Center, NY 13839.  All the field days are free and open to the public.  Refreshments will be served. For specific dates, times, and locations, see below. Please contact Violet Stone at 607-255-9227 or to register.

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