June 27 Farm Hour

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This evenings program I have a couple of events to announce, News,  a description of the days of white gold in the Catskills with Roxbury’s finest, Ronny Ballard,  a Market report from the Pakatakan Round Barn,  AND  a brief hello from the beloved Hanover Farmstand owner and operator Al Higley.  Teichmann road and mountain previously named Shultis Mountain has had a long history of agriculture and tourism.  Joe and Elizabeth Teichmann who occupy one of the homes on the mountain invited me up to take a look at Joes’ photo album documenting the mountains history.  I have a short piece to play from my visit…..

EVENTS: 1.  Delaware County’s Cooperative Extension has organized a Small Grain Field Day on July 7 at 1 p.m. at the Deysenroth Farm, 7531 County Highway 18, Bloomville, NY 13739. The tour will be in the crop field along Highway 18, west of the farmstead. You will see winter triticale grown for grain harvest; learn about Deysenroth’s experience feeding winter triticale grain; find out what they did this year to nearly double the stand count over last year’s crop; and get some timely tips on small grain production now – while there is still time to plan! Time and crop conditions permitting, we will also look at a field of spring barley at the nearby Hanselman farm. For more information contact Paul Cerosaletti, Extension Educator, 607-865-7090 or email: pec6@cornell.edu

2. At this Saturday’s Roxbury sidewalk festival,  come by the Roxbury Central School lawn and buy a perrenial or annual for your garden and support the schools garden.  Students will have a veggie stand set up selling the vegetables from their garden,  Fava Beans,  Lettuce, Carrots, Snap Peas, Beats, Turnips and a variety of herbs.  the Festival begins at 10:00 am and will run until 4pm.   get there early to make a purchase from the Roxbury School Garden and support the schools outdoor classroom.

breaking news:  The DEP and local police were notified about sludge spilling out onto Route 30 between Ticschmann Road and Schumann road from a hauler who had just loaded his pumper truck.  Waste water from the Mountain Side Creamery is pumped up to a reserve sludge pond on Tischmann Road.  Today this sludge found its way onto the route 30 from an overflowing pumper truck.    Its unknown as to what caused the overflow but the Siren at  Roxbury’s Volunteer Fire Department was alarmed to round up the volunteer firemen to hose down the Route 30.  I did not see the sludge  but I did smell it,  as I do from time to time with a southern wind.  Its an awful smell, but for me I would rather smell the compost, fertilizer, sludge and be able to identify it than breath round up, chemical herbicides or fertilizers.   Which brings us to the next news story about the recent headline, Roundup: Birth Defects Caused By World’s Top-Selling Weedkiller, Scientists Say.   Joe Moscowitz, will be calling in later in the hour to give us a report on this Round up story.

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