June 13th Farm Hour

For this evenings FArm Hour I have an informative interview to play with Jerry Henkin, NY Nut Growers Association‘s Vice President and the Librarian for the Northern Nut Growers Association. Also, Derek Zelner will be calling in to talk about his Chicken Egg enterprise in Halcott Center. Derek is a 4th Grader at the the Margaretville Central School and will tell us about his flock and how he became interested in raising chickens.

Back in April,   the New York Nut Growers Association held their   Spring Meeting up at Acra, in the Green County Cornell Cooperative Agroforestry Resource Center.  Topics discussed at the this meeting were nut tree grafting, nut growing in the Catskills, Direct marketing strategies, pruning and other foods that can be grown in conjunction with nut trees such as mushrooms, ginseng and truffles.  I did not make it to this meeting, but was fortunate to connect with Nut grower Jerry Henkin, the New York Nut Growers Association Vice President and Northern Nut Growers Librarian.  On a very windy day, Jerry and I met at the campus of Mount Saint Vincent in Yonkers where he showed me black Walnut trees that he planted on one of the campus greens 18 years ago.

Jerry shared an assortment of nuts for me to taste,  and being the good librarian that he is Jerry brought along a few nut tree books to share and the most recent issue of Northern Nut Growers Associations publication NUTSHELL that I brought back to Roxbury and shared with a local nut tree grower. Jerry Henkin also gave me a Butternut scion which was notch grafted to a butternut tree on Cold Spring Road.   I was afraid it was getting late in the season for grafting but apparently we were right on schedule as it is recommened to graft during May through Mid june .  The progress of this recently  grafted Butternut scion will be a part of The Farm Hours breaking news stories for the 2011 season.

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