February 21 Farm Hour

Sustainable Meat is the topic of this evenings FARM HOUR and we will hear a summary of Regional Economics of Meat presentation by Chris Harmon, grass fed beef farmer and Executive Director of the  Center for Agriculture Development and Entrepreneurship more commonly known as CADE. AND a short prerecorded ON THE FARM INTERVIEW with Frank Spinelli, local grass fed beef farmer  AND later on in the program, Deborah Krasner, James Beard award winning author of The Good Meat, The Complete Guide to Sourcing and Cooking Sustainable Meat,  will be calling in to give us her take on regional meats.

ALSO, on this evenings Farm Hour we have a couple of AGriculture NEWS stories to share and a brief overview of the recently approved GMO ALFALFA seeds.   the Upcoming FarmHour headlines are
: Ellen Wongs’ impressions of celebrity farmer Joel Salatins presentation in Woodstock
: Farmer-scientist group wants to ‘hack society’ through open-source technology

CALENDAR announcements
The Cornell Cooperative Extension is looking for more vendors for its farmers markets in Deposit, Walton and Sidney.  Local producers can attend the organizational meeting for the 2011 market season at 1 p.m. March 14 at the Cornell Cooperative Extension office in Hamden. The snow date is March 21. If you wish to attend this meeting or are considering one of the markets in deposit walton and sidney you should, contact Jeanne Darling or Valerie Dudley at (607) 865-6531
1. A quick reminder,  AG exemptions on your property and school taxes, the  deadline to get your paper work filed with your town assessor is  coming up March 1.

GMO ALFALFA Seeds / / TAKE ACTION In order to preserve heritage seeds and  small farm’s right to practice sustainable farming techniques, all of us, producers and consumers can make a collective effort and take a stance to protect sustainable farmer’s choice and take action on the issue.  4 suggestions to start…
1.    Let your federal government voted officers  know that sustainable farms in our region have a right to exist and thrive, and that you do not support the deregulation of GM alfalfa.
2.   Support organizations like the Center for Food Safety (CFS) as they raise funds for legal action against the USDA’s deregulation of GE alfalfa. CFS and others have legal grounds to contest the USDA’s Environmental Impact Statement assessment as being incomplete. While Monsanto has billions in lobbying funds, the sustainable food movement has legal precedent on its side. Let’s support groups who aim to take the USDA to court. You can also sign up to receive CENTER FOR FOOD SAFETY action alerts by logging onto their website centerforfoodsafety.org and click on to the TAKE ACTION TAB.                                                                                                                                                        3.  Continue to support the farms and processors that bring you sustainably grown or raised food.  Let’s vote with our dollars and buy regional foods.                                                4.  Continue to demand that the USDA and Congress protect farmers and consumers from the risks of GE crops, products, and ingredients. Farmers have the right to use sustainable farming methods and should be protected from losses due to GE contamination.  Long-term research on the implications of GE crops must be conducted. Consumers have a right to know what’s in their food, and to make informed decisions about what they choose to eat. co-opted from article in Grist, by Robyn Shrader

LISTEN HERE for , On The Farm Interview with grass fed beef farmer Frank Spinelli, Roxbury, NY

LISTEN HERE February 21 Farm Hour

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