February 14 Farm Hour

On this Farmhour, Love one the Farm edition,
We will hear about WHY the Abundance Farm in Roses Brook is a love story for farmer and writer Terry Hannum.  A new romance in Deposit at the Catskill Cattle Company farm is uncovered by Farm Hour contributor Tianna Kennedy.   Farm Hour host Ellen Wong follows up with one of the dairy farm families profiled in her 2008 Face of Farming project,  Karen and Jake Fairbairn , to hear about their love of farming in the Catskills.
In the second half of the program,  Kristen Kimball farmer and author of the Dirty Life will be calling into the studio with her husband Mark to share a love story or two from their farm in Essex, NY

Farm Hour News
Farm to School meeting at Suny Delhi organized by Farm Catskills with FArm Catskills director AmyKenyon Moderating the discussion between parents, , farmers, Suny Delhi students,  Cornell Cooperative Extension educators and an amazing woman, Nicci Cagan from Slow Food Hdson Valley.

There were a lot of constructive ideas shared about how to improve school cafeteria food based on existing work on farm to school programs happening in Walton  and Marbletown school districts.  We all agreed that the success of a farm to school program will involve multilevel involvement from community members, in addition to teachers, school administrators and students efforts.   A few ideas for action proposed at the meeting:

Ideas for Action:
·         Develop a “CSA-like” program for schools where community members can  pay for a share of products from a farmer for their farm to school program
·         Get involved in the wellness committee, school board, and/or PTA
·         Develop a school fundraiser program where  prime cuts of meat are sold instead of candybars.
·         Do classroom education – for example do taste tests of vegetables with students
·         Plant an extra row in the garden for your school district (and/or food bank!).
·         Ask your school  to feature one meal or ingredient a week from a local farm and promote it to the teachers, students and parents.
·         Start a “harvest and freeze” day in the summer to coordinate farms, volunteers, and cafeterias to get take advantage of bumper crops to freeze for later use. ·         Work with the Youth Employment Program to get kids employed in the summer doing harvest and freeze, or working on farms, or in school gardens.
·         Volunteer to read in the classroom during April – Ag Literacy Month (CCE will have a book written especially for this).
FARM CATSKILLS intends to CREATE A LISTSERVE for community members to coordinate and commmunicate farm to school efforts in the region
CALENDAR announcements
The Cornell Cooperative Extension is looking for more vendors for its farmers markets in Deposit, Walton and Sidney.
Local producers can attend the organizational meeting for the 2011 market season at 1 p.m. March 14 at the Cornell Cooperative Extension office in Hamden. The snow date is March 21. If you wish to attend this meeting or are considering one of the markets in deposit walton and sidney you should, contact Jeanne Darling or Valerie Dudley at (607) 865-6531
1. A quick reminder,  AG exemptions on your property and school taxes, the  deadline to get your paper work filed with your town assessor is  coming up March 1.

LISTEN HERE Farm Hour Valentines Day, Love on the Farm

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