January 24th Farm HOur

On this evenings Farm Hour John Bunting, small dairy farmer, writer and blogger will be called into the studio to  help de-mystify the highly complex process of pricing milk.

Only 75 Years ago Delaware county was the leading milk producing county in the country, since then we have witnessed a slow capitulation of the dairy industry here in Delaware County which John Bunting will say is due to the industrialization of agriculture and how milk was and is priced.   We consider John Bunting be a  local authority on the dairy industry as he has been an adviser to regional and state government agriculture committees and is a regular contributor to The Milkweed,  the dairy industries watchdog publication since 1975.  John Bunting also blogs the dairy industry news on his self titled http://johnbuntingsjournal.blogspot.com/ Not only is John Bunting the perfect guest for Farmhour listeners interested in learning about how milk is priced, but John is  a dairy farmer himself, who is in the delight or grind of milking the cows twice a day so his research in economics, government and policy is eventually interrupted by his cows.

LISTEN here to FarmHour January 24th with John Bunting, dairy farmer and writer

Farm Community Events

1.  The Farmers Income Tax School will be held tomorrow at 1pm at the Delaware County Resource Center in Hamden.  The fee for this class is $10. For more information call Delaware County’s  Cornell Cooperative extension office  607-865-6531

2.  Delaware County Dairy Discussion Group who will meet this Thursday, January 27, at 1pm at the Town of Kortright Town Hall on Route10 in Bloomville.  The subject of this meeting will be HOmegrown Grain Production.  This meeting is open to all dairy farmers who wish to learn about on-farm grain production, storage, processing and use.  The discussion will be structured for farmer to farmer exchange of ideas. For more information call Delaware County’s  Cornell Cooperative extension office  607-865-6531

3. The Delaware County Historical Association and the Cannon Free Library presents” All the Live Long Day” an  oral history of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad with railroad historian Jim Loudon.   This event is scheduled On February 3rd at 6:30 pm Admission is free and light refreshments will be served. This event will take place at The Cannon Free Library on Elm Street in Delhi.  For additional information about this event please call Delaware County Historical Association at 607 746 3849  . This should be an informative event for those interested in agriculture history specifically the wonder years of dairy farming in delaware county.

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