September 13 hour

On this hour we covered alot of news, local events and postponed our phone in guest Erica Frenay until a later date… after we can figure out how to use the phone lines.  Erica Frenay is the Project Coordinator of Cornell Small Farms Program’s NY Beginning Farmer Project.  Rescheduling info will be posted here.  Meanwhile, read about the successes of Mara and Spencer Welton, organic farmers in Burlington, VT, story by Erika Frenay. Big Bucks from Small Spaces

Editorial : No Farms No Food


1.  Neversink FArm  will be hosting a Farm Dinner on September 18th with Chef Patrick Connolly of Bobo NYC. We will be dining in the barn.  All ages welcome. For Information click here

2.  Root Cellar Workshop Saturday, September 18, 2010 – 10:00am – 11:30am at the  Hanford Mills Museum

3.  Delaware County Historical Association will host a luncheon with special guest JOdy Primoff who will speak about John Burroughs and woodchuck lodge.  The cost for the luncheon is $12 per person.  proceeds will benefit the DCHA(  delaware county historical association september 18.  make reservations by this thursday, call 607 746 3849.

Ellen reads a passage from Burroughs essay “In the Hemlocks.”

“The snowbird, or “black chipping-bird,” as it is known among the farmers, is the finest architect of any of the-builders known to me. The site of its nest is usually some low bank by the roadside, near a wood. In a slight excavation, with a partially concealed entrance, the exquisite structure is placed. Horse and cow hair are plentifully used, imparting to the interior of the nest great symmetry and firmness as well as softness.”


BERLIN (Reuters) – A German dairy farmer has come up with a novel way to drum up new business — he opened a “milk filling station.”

A Belated Debate on Modified Beets By ELISABETH ROSENTHAL : nytimes energy + environment blog

NY Locavore Challenge


Old Macdonald, traditional song published in 1917 is a track on Whisper Not, a 1967  studio album by the American jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, with the Marty Paich Orchestra.

‘Whisper Not’ is Ella’s penultimate recording for the Verve label.

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2 Responses to September 13 hour

  1. Hello Tianna. I would love to listen to your audio program but I can only find text and pictures here. Is there a hidden subscription I’m missing?

    • thefarmhour says:

      hi lee, madalyn here. wiox is not streaming or recording shows yet. i think this function will happen sometime in january. meanwhile, i just learned how to record our show onto cd. hopefully the september 20th recording will make it onto this blog!! see you at the barnraising!

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